Friday, July 6, 2012

Hair update #1

So It has always been my dream to have purple hair. Purple is my favorite color btw. 
So on my journey to change myself and be more awesome, I decided to Ombre/Dip dye my hair!

So camera whore time go!

This is probably one of the greatest choices I have made so far, hair wise. =]

I absolutely love purple. So to celebrate my lovely purple hair I wore my favorite purple lipstick. It is Wet N' Wild's Vamp. 

I am so excited to curl my hair and style it. It will look so sick!

I think when this dye washes out I will re-bleach and go for a lighter purple and see how I like that. 

You can only really tell that this color is there in the sunlight or really bright indoor lights. Otherwise it is very subtle. In darker lighting it just looks like I have black hair. 

If you have any questions just comment below~
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