Saturday, September 15, 2012

Don't let things get you down~

the bracelet
It has been a long past couple of weeks. I started off the school year with strep throat and no money for anything. Then once I started feeling better, I got another cold thing and it hadn't gone away. I am also pretty sure I got my boyfriend sick and my best friend. I am feeling pretty miserable which hasn't help with any motivation to do anything. It is rather sad. I am hardly getting any sleep because I can't breath and I have to do homework. So every night I basically get 2 hours or less of sleep. Feeling like a zombie right now.

On the bright side my boyfriend is adorably nerdy and... crafty? O_o haha he made me a bracelet that has my birthday in binary code 111.110.11111001010. It matches nothing I own but I thoroughly love it and for some reason I feel wrong without it on my wrist. It is also strung together with a red pipe cleaner. haha do not make a bracelet with these please they are hard to use and pokey. But I think it shall be my new lucky charm~ ♥

I went to a parade to see my lovely boyfriend march with his friends. I wasn't as sick here so it was fun. But they were throwing candy and I picked up a ton of it and was super super sore after. I need to workout haha. Right now I fit into a size 12 and I would really like to fit into a size 10 at the most. I just don't have to motivation to run around outside and sweat or pay money to run in one place and sweat. I hate sweating. Sweating is like my whole body is crying and won't stop its blubbering. I can't handle it.

So on the gyaru side of life I try to work on my gyaruness on Sundays because I have to go to church, and I can't go without looking nice. Also the new Gal VIP magazine came out this week. It has made my week a ton better. Everything is so pretty in it and everyone looks gorgeous! It was super professional and I hope that it will be taken more seriously in the future. I would definitely pay for the subscription. I am really excited for the Halloween creepy cute issue they are going for. Anyways I will spam you with pictures of my face.


closeish view of my make-up

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trade/Sell Decoden

Hey everybody! 
This past year my friends and I decided that we would decoden to raise some money for a club we started together. so we decorate these little jars of chap-stick and sold a lot of them. but I got stuck with the extra jars and I am no longer going to our high school and everyone has moved on haha. 
I really need to find some people to take these off my hands. So I have made a video and I would love it if you would check it out and share it with your friends that love decoden and would possibly be willing to trade or buy these from me. It would mean the world~
 Thank you ♥