Thursday, August 23, 2012

I really shouldn't.... but I did.

So I really shouldn't be buying anything at all right now. Because it is my first year in college and I need to start paying for my books. Plus I have no money or a job. So everything is going to be super fun to pay for. =___=

Anyways I thought I would get something nice to wear to school. Because I just wanted something new and I doubt I will be getting any new clothes. So I decided that I would buy an awesome ear cuff. 
My ears aren't pierced and I don't think I will ever pierce them. So I buy ear cuffs and clip-on earrings. Which work awesomely but they are hard to find in my town, But luckily I can find them at vintage stores and in some expensive Jeweler places.
So in my moment of weakness I bought this 
It was only for $2.20 and shipping was free. 
But I have a feeling I will be $2 short on something. X] It is really cool though~ I just love the rib cage design! I was just going to get a plain ear cuff but I couldn't let this one go. It is unique and plain enough that it will go with almost everything I wear.  I was going to buy something like these:
But I just felt like these were too dangley and would possibly turn my whole shoulder and neck green or something random. Plus I am too lazy to paint every dangle with nail polish. I will probably still buy these in the future. But I will leave it for another day when I am not in school.

If you like any of these ear cuffs and want a link comment below and I will send you the links . If you want to see more awesome ear cuffs.  I highly suggest checking out etsy and ebay. There are a ton of different designs and the prices are nice and shipping isn't too bad. 

Well the ear cuff is coming from China so it will probably take around 2 weeks to get to me. I am exited and not so excited to get them. haha I am so torn over spending my money. I promise not to spend anything else, unless it is on school supplies. I will post a small review of the ear cuff when I receive it~
If you have any questions, please ask! 


  1. Interesting, I've never considered purchasing any ear cuffs in thinking they'll fall off, rather that I have my ears pierced already so I thought i wouldn't need cuffs.

    I know how you feel, I love shopping and one of my bad habits is buying and over spending...So watch out and budget yourself. Haha I promised not to spend on any more clothes many posts go but you know what happens when things go on sale? T^T I'm a sucker...

    Looking forward to your review.

    Love from your new follower, Emi

    1. Hi Emi~~ :D
      Sometimes they do fall off. But I think it just depends on how big you ear is and the size of the cuff and etc. I have small ears haha so sometimes they fall off on me. But other than that I don't have many problems with them. There are lots of ear cuffs that have an earring on them like this one
      ^is awesome if you like edgy type things~~

      haha and I am trying hard to budget. It is so difficult. I am a sucker for sales too! X[ I can't trust myself to shop for anything. Even veggies! e__e I have to take someone with me that will remind me to not go into the clothes section or someone who will close my laptop to stop me from shopping online.

      thank you for following me! It means a lot.<3


      p.s. I love your blog! You are so adorable :D and all the pink *-* haha I like all the circle lenses reviews I shall definitely refer to them when I buy another pair.