Saturday, September 15, 2012

Don't let things get you down~

the bracelet
It has been a long past couple of weeks. I started off the school year with strep throat and no money for anything. Then once I started feeling better, I got another cold thing and it hadn't gone away. I am also pretty sure I got my boyfriend sick and my best friend. I am feeling pretty miserable which hasn't help with any motivation to do anything. It is rather sad. I am hardly getting any sleep because I can't breath and I have to do homework. So every night I basically get 2 hours or less of sleep. Feeling like a zombie right now.

On the bright side my boyfriend is adorably nerdy and... crafty? O_o haha he made me a bracelet that has my birthday in binary code 111.110.11111001010. It matches nothing I own but I thoroughly love it and for some reason I feel wrong without it on my wrist. It is also strung together with a red pipe cleaner. haha do not make a bracelet with these please they are hard to use and pokey. But I think it shall be my new lucky charm~ ♥

I went to a parade to see my lovely boyfriend march with his friends. I wasn't as sick here so it was fun. But they were throwing candy and I picked up a ton of it and was super super sore after. I need to workout haha. Right now I fit into a size 12 and I would really like to fit into a size 10 at the most. I just don't have to motivation to run around outside and sweat or pay money to run in one place and sweat. I hate sweating. Sweating is like my whole body is crying and won't stop its blubbering. I can't handle it.

So on the gyaru side of life I try to work on my gyaruness on Sundays because I have to go to church, and I can't go without looking nice. Also the new Gal VIP magazine came out this week. It has made my week a ton better. Everything is so pretty in it and everyone looks gorgeous! It was super professional and I hope that it will be taken more seriously in the future. I would definitely pay for the subscription. I am really excited for the Halloween creepy cute issue they are going for. Anyways I will spam you with pictures of my face.


closeish view of my make-up


  1. Very pretty eye make up ^^

    Love from Emi, your loyal follower.
    Hope you come by and visit or maybe follow me back ^^

    1. thank you~
      and I followed you back ♥. I thought I did awhile ago but maybe it didn't work right.
      thanks again though ^^

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    1. :D thank you so much. I will follow you back~

  3. Wow! How lovely! You are good with lashes, I have yet to get some and try to apply them, but we will see >.<

    1. Thanks haha it has definitely taken a lot of practice. I still feel like I am kinda bad at it. when you do get some lashes you have to take pictures~ I want to see haha

  4. I really like your makeup! So cute:)

  5. great post, I invite you to my blog
    maybe we will follow each other?

    1. Thank you and thank you for sharing your blog. I really like it so I followed you~

  6. Nice eye make-up.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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  7. i nominate you for the leibster award! please do it! its a fun way for me and the rest of your followers to get to know you :)
    my post tells all the rules:

    love ya~

  8. I nominated you for the Liebster awards.
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  9. Woah, nice make-up~ They make your eyes bigger~

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