Sunday, May 27, 2012

Update on Life and Circle Lenses

I got my first pair of circle lenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD I am so excited! I bought the Princess Mimi Sesame Gray. I have been stalking these lenses for forever! I know these probably aren't the best beginner lenses but I don't care. They are pretty *-* haha.
I am graduating this week and I can't wait. I will finally be out of my horrible school. Yay~ but I am not so happy about having to start college. It just seems scary but I've got to grow up sometime!
I will be going to California this summer and hopefully have a big haul type deal of everything awesome I bought over there. I am crossing my fingers that i will be able to stop in both Chinatown and Little Tokyo. But we will be spending a couple days at Disneyland as well. I will post everything on a later date :D

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